The Passion to Transcend

Sitting with a precious friend today, it struck me how there are those of us that exist with a passion that is not commonplace. The desire to find truth within, while existing in this world is that passion. It becomes a conscious movement to the center of our core to heal and cut through our illusion in order to connect with something greater. It is a way of life that we don’t necessarily choose. May times, it is chosen for the individual. And from this center, from this place births what buddhist people call the Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva is a person that chooses to work on their own enlightenment in order to empower people to be free of suffering. For this to take place, the commitment, which becomes blatantly apparent, has to be from within first. The individual on this path must accept that his or her healing is their main focus. There is a humility in accepting this and a grave responsibility that becomes foundational. Transparency and an unbridled motivation to heal oneself is the essential ingredient. This path is not an easy one, and requires an aloneness that is unspoken about in our culture. It requires a dropping into the Self, and a one-pointed awareness that is fierce. The individual has to master the language of the body, and be keen enough to see through his or her defenses and ego in order to cradle and embrace deeper meanings of events, situations, and reactions. Once this sword-like ability is harnessed and focused, then it becomes a daily practice. It is with this awareness and fortitude that the Bodhisattva reaches out to the world and holds space for their fellow man/woman. The gift of this cannot be captured in words, for it is the food of the soul. This level and cultivation of mindfulness is the gift itself. It becomes the person’s oxygen. Once you traverse the reality of it, there is no turning back. It is to my friend, whom brought tears to my eyes this morning, that I dedicate this post. He is a mirror of rememberence that though the path may be dark and challenging the benefits and purpose of it are far-reaching. It truly encapsulates how one person can change the world. This is mindfulness in motion. This is the path of the warrior. I honor you and the purpose your walk with every day.

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