mindfulness-link-picMindfulness involves "bringing one's complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis, where each thought, feeling, or sensation that arises in the attentional field is acknowledged and accepted as it is. "  As you learn to focus your awareness you begin to observe your thoughts, actions, and beliefs from a neutral state versus a reactive one.  A separation forms in the mind of the person while in this state of neutrality, and he or she begins to understand that they are not the processes but instead the observer of them. One then begins to look more deeply into their automatic thoughts and responses that run through their minds and lives, and slowly chooses to be in relationship with them in a new way. Furthermore, by observing the thoughts that are constantly in movement, the individual begins to develop a calm center to observe these processes, and slowly decreases their reactivity to them. The realization emerges that every emotion begins with a thought.

Some benefits of mindful therapy are an ability to learn and or retrain the mind in order to effect change. Concurrently, mindfulness creates an opening for inner peace and strength to emerge. Neuroscience has scientifically proven that we create patterns in the brain by how we think and act. By using mindfulness, we begin to retrain the mind in the midst of turmoil to respond differently. This response is one of neutrality and observation. The benefit of cultivating neutrality and observation is the development of a new locus of control from within. An individual begins to feel more in control of their inner world, and develops practical tools of how to maintain it. By strengthening the part of the Self that observes, the observing Self, a person puts distance between their patterns of reactivity, and approaches them from a neutral mind frame. This conscious presence allows one to choose which patterns to keep in their life, and which to transform. This newfound ability to regulate the emotional world transforms the individual’s life from one of unconscious repetition to one of conscious creation. A stillness forms within allowing the person to slowly develop an inner calm due to having learned to remain unaffected by outside events. Our power lies in the realization that we can “choose” to define life’s events and “respond” accordingly.